BARC Overview

What is BARC?

The Business Academic Research Cluster (BARC) is a computing cluster with its own dedicated servers, storage, and networking available for use in research projects. BARC provides high-performance resources for faculty, Ph.D and classroom use.

BARC is a flexible environment where researchers can configure a computing environment that meets the needs of his/her research. Virtual machines can run a variety of Windows/Linux/Unix operating systems configured with many popular software packages. BARC allows for virtual machines to connect directly to the Internet via a public IP address or reside on a private network for sensitive research. Researchers can connect to their virtual machines through a variety of methods including RDP, VNC, SSH, and VMware Remote Console.

What services does BARC offer?

There are currently two services offered by BARC:

  • BARC Virtual Machine (BARC VM)Users can request 1 or more virtual machines for academic use. BARC VM supports a variety of Windows/Linux/Unix operating systems. Virtual machines can be configured with any operating system or software owned by UConn or the School of Business.
  • BARC File Services and R: DriveUsers can request storage space accessible via SMB/NFS/iSCSI for usage with BARC VM or with Windows/Linux/OS X workstations/laptops. This space may be used for academic and research purposes only.

    The R: Drive is a network mapped drive for research data storage. School of Business users may request an R: Drive that can be accessed by one or more users. Space will be allocated as it is available.

Who can use BARC?

BARC is available for faculty, Ph.D and staff research projects. Graduate and undergraduate student access can be provisioned for specific classroom projects under the supervision of a faculty member.

How do I request BARC resources?

To request resources, please complete the Resource Request form. A member of the BARC admin team will follow up with you as soon as possible.


For assistance with BARC, please email The BARC admin team will assist you as soon as possible.