Hardware & Software


BARC Hardware

Cluster 1
8 x Dell M710HD blade servers residing in a Dell M1000e blade chassis
2 x Intel Xeon X5670 CPU @ 2.93GHz with 6 physical/12 logical cores per CPU
192 GB RAM

Cluster 2
4 x Dell FC630 blade servers residing in a Dell FX2 chassis
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 CPU @ 2.50GHz with 12 physical/24 logical cores per CPU
256 GB RAM

9.1 TB of Hybrid (SSD/HDD)
120 TB of disk storage via iSCSI/CIFS/NFS
10 GbE network to storage/UConn

BARC Software


VMware vSphere 6.0
Supported Virtual Machine Operating Systems
VMware supports many popular Windows/Linux/Unix operating systems. We are able to install most operating systems supported by ESXi 6.0. For a full list of compatible Guest OS, please consult VMware’s compatibility tool.  Please note, Apple Mac OS X cannot be run in our environment. 
Most software available to UConn or the School of Business. Visit software.uconn.edu and School of Business Software for more information.